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Window Commands

The flexibility of the Combat Flight Simulator window system gives you many options. You can use these commands to manipulate windows in the game.

Mosquito Fighter-Bomber

Bf 109g Fighter

Action Command ***
Full screen (toggle)
Create new view window
[ (left bracket)
Close view window
] (right bracket)
Panel window 1 (toggle)
<Shift> 1
Panel window 2 (toggle)
<Shift> 2
Panel window 3 (toggle)
<Shift> 3
Bring window to front
' (apostrophe)
Switch to next view window
Switch to previous view window
Zoom in
= (equal sign)
Zoom out
- (hyphen)
Zoom normal (1x)
Bring up chat window (Multiplayer)

*** These are the default keyboard assignments. You can reassign any of these key commands to key combinations you prefer.