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Let me introduce myself to you ladies.
For duration of your stay, I will be your instructor.

I will also be your MOTHER, your FATHER, and your ONLY hope of making it out of this program in anything but a pine box. You will eat, sleep, walk, talk, think, and act ONLY when it suits my fancy and with the IMMEDIACY you've reserved up to now for pulling out your privates when your sweetheart was in the mood.

If you have any ideas about being the best, then let me assure you that I DO NOT CARE how talented you think you are. I WILL make you better. Recruits were put on this earth to make my life miserable and I shall return the favor IN SPADES.

With luck and the grace of the almighty, I'll take you untrained, undisciplined mob of hot-gunning, over shooting, fancy flying maggots, and make you into a well-formed, disciplined squadron of United States Naval and Marine Aviators.

If you have the capacity to store anything in that glob of mush you call a brain, then listen up. Do WHAT I say, WHEN I say, and HOW I want. WHY is no longer in your vocabulary. Neither is CAN'T, MAYBE, and MISTAKE. These words will kill you faster than a Zeke on your 6.

Welcome to my hell, pukes.
Chief Warrant Officer 4 Dead
Boot Camp Webmaster

1st Marine Wing
3rd Naval Group

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