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Focke-Wulfe 190
Know your adversary's plane and exploit it's weaknesses. You can be sure that he knows yours.

Dual Heinkel 111
A rare and unusual specimen, the Dual Heinkel 111.

Lesson Eight: High Yo-Yo
If you're traveling too fast to turn on a breaking target, the High Yo-Yo may save your opportunity for an effective burst of fire. If your plane requires a wider turning radius, you may be able to get a shot at the target. As the target begins to turn sharply, pull up to climb and reduce your speed. Execute an aileron roll in the same direction as the target's turn. Pull back on the stick to drop inverted to position yourself for a Lead or Lag Turn. Apply full throttle when in the tightest turn possible.
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Tips for success:
  • This is difficult maneuver to perform successfully, since it requires good timing to get into the proper position during the turn.
  • Maintaining site of the target may be difficult. You will likely have to presume the target has continued it's breaking turn.
  • When climbing, you are making the trade: airspeed for altitude. Your turn will be tighter, but you will slow down.