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Torque diagram
The direction of torque on a propeller driven aircraft.

Lesson Seven: The Break
When you want to get out of the frying pan and skip the fire, you will attempt the Break. Use this only when the attacker can't make a turn into you due to excessive speed or a wide turning radius. As the attacker closes on you, throttle back, roll towards the direction of approach, and turn into him as tightly as you can. Open up the throttle if you slow too much. Keep breaking into the attacker until you gain an opportunity to turn the tables on him.

Tips for success:
  • This is only an immediate solution to a dangerous situation. Your loss of speed can make you a choice target.
  • If the attacker can still turn into you, then attempting to Break is futile.
  • If you have lost too much speed, lower the nose to gain some power.