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Bailed pilot.
Good job surviving the crash.
Good luck surviving the POW camp.

Conditions of flight
Summary of conditions in each phase of flight.

Lesson Six: Head-On Attack
You will find yourself in this position quite often due to the starting conditions of most multiplayer sessions. Turning to close on a target, you will often find him returning the favor. As your distance closes, maintain straight and level flight straight toward the target. When you are within 2000 feet, turn slightly to the right or left, keeping the target inside your gunsights but not directly in the center. When you have closed to 1000 feet, use your rudder to bring the target into the center of the sights. If you chose to turn to the right slightly, you will turn your rudder left and lead the target to the left slightly. Vice versa if you chose to turn to the left. Your target will be presented with the optical illusion of a head-on pass and will fire uselessly to your side. Your rounds, however, will find their home in his juiciest parts.

Tips for success:
  • Practice, practice, practice.