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Flaps illustration
Flap aerodynamic effects.

Lesson Four: Lag Turn
The Lag Turn is the exact opposite of the Lead Turn. It is used to slow your fast moving plane while at the same time turning to position yourself on the target's six o'clock. Very useful when flying against a target aircraft with a superior turning ability. As you intercept, turn into the target's flight path loosely. Allow your plane to drift wide and lose momentum. Tighten your turn while throttling up slightly but still losing speed. As you approach stall speed, open the throttle and keep the stick back.
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Tips for success:
  • Keep your target in view at all times. Never let him get out of your sight.
  • When executed poorly, the target will gain distance since you will have slowed too much in the turn.
  • Your window of opportunity is very small so make your move count. You're not likely to get a second chance.