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Illustration of the Zero
An illustrated drawing of the Mitsubishi "Zero". An extremely agile but poorly armored and underpowered aircraft.

Lesson Ten: Scissors
Simply put, the Scissors is a series of turns and counters, with neither pilot able to gain an advantage. As the target turns into you, you turn into him. Roll back toward the target when he has crossed your flight path. Once clear of you, roll back again turning as tightly as possible. Once you are on the target's six, roll into his direction.

Tips for success:
  • A slower but more agile plane wins this engagement if piloted by an experienced aviator.
  • This move is very dangerous at low altitudes as the tendency is for both planes to lose altitude trying to regain speed lost in each turn.
  • Throttle back to keep your turn tight, but don't stall. You stall, you lose.