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FW 109A
Illustrated drawing of the Focke-Wulfe 190-A.  Very fast and powerful yet it lacks the agility of most Allied planes.

Map of World Time Zones
A map of time zones across the globe.

Lesson Thirteen: Dive Bombing
Not often used but still a necessary maneuver. From 10,000 to 15,000 feet away from the target, put your aircraft into a 45 to 70 degree dive. Turn slightly to stay directed at the target. Decrease your throttle to avoid overstressing the plane if necessary. At approximately 3000 feet, release the bomb with your aim slightly behind the target. Pull back on the stick to level flight or climbing and add throttle to disengage.
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Tips for success:
  • As you dive, do not allow your plane to become inverted. Your bomb will not release correctly and you will have risked your skin for nothing.
  • When pulling out of the dive, do not jerk the stick too quickly. This will stall or damage the plane.
  • Don't hang around to see if the bomb hit the target. Enemy fighters and flak will bounce you, rubber neck.